How We Used Side Hustles to Escape Paycheck to Paycheck Living

How We Used Side Hustles to Escape Paycheck to Paycheck Living

Living paycheck to paycheck stinks. I mean really, it does. I used to live paycheck to paycheck, and while both myself and my wife work, we just never seemed to get ahead. Whenever we did, we were thrown a curve ball that had us begging and counting down the hours till we were paid again. I constantly worried about money and was scared to death sometimes because after all, formula, diapers, food for hungry kids, clothes, and all the children’s necessities were costly.

One day, my wife and I sat down and decided that we did NOT want to live like this anymore. The paycheck to paycheck cycle was just too stressful, and it was starting to affect our happiness significantly. You could say that it proved to be just too much for us. We decided at that moment that we were done with it.

Our strategy was to use side hustles to dig ourselves from our debt, removing that check to check cycle. Below, I will go over some of the side hustles we used. I hope you will find them helpful for you as well.

Take Advantage of Online Selling Platforms

One of the side hustles I used to earn extra money was to sell items I had around my house that I no longer wanted or needed. Whether new or used, I sold it. I took advantage of all online platforms I could find that would let me sell my items. The one online platform I liked the best was eBay (Of course!). I found that I could sell a lot of my things, and people from all over can purchase your products.

Once I sold all the items I had in my home, I moved on to yard sales and would pick up items that were dirt cheap. Then I would sell them for a profit. I always kept an eye out to see what items seem to be hot at the time; then I would look for those types of item to try and capitalize.


While this may not be an option for everyone, this was an option for me since I am in the IT business. I can share my knowledge with others and consult them on different areas within the IT industry. One of the areas that I did very well in was online shopping. I can create firewalls and scan the website to make sure it is fully protected and secure for online payments. I like doing this because I can set my own rate and work when I want. I have found that I am able to squeeze in consulting times every once in a while.


Freelancing is a wonderful side hustle that has helped my wife and I avoid the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle considerably. We both offer our skills to clients and have made more than $500 per month on top of our day jobs. My wife tutored online since she is a school teacher, and I offered IT services to businesses in need.

My Two Cents

I am glad that we are out of the paycheck to paycheck life. It was horrible. We’ve been able to bring in over $1,000 extra before (on a good month), and it truly does help. As you look for a side hustle, think about what you are good at and then use it to make yourself some money.

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