Side Hustles Can Be Fun. Here Are 3 You Can Start Today

Side Hustles Can Be Fun. Here Are 3 You Can Start Today

As a father of three children, I am always looking for ways to make money, especially as my kids get older. I remember being a teenager and asking my parents for some money to go to the movies or grab a bite to eat with friends. I want my children to be able to do the same things. Furthermore, I remember what it’s like being short on cash, and I like to avoid living paycheck to paycheck which is something side hustles can help with.

Below, I will give you three ideas for side hustles that can be started TODAY and for CHEAP too. In my free time, I make some extra money doing all three of these things.


I love to bake, and I find it refreshing. In fact, even after a long day at work I can come home and bake in the kitchen with my wife. It is pretty relaxing. As a side hustle, you can make a nice chunk of change through baking. If you are unsure of what to bake, ask around. You will find that cupcakes, cookies, and indulgent treats such as candy or fudge are popular.

To make extra money baking, simply sell your products at the local church bake sale, at a summer event, or even try going door-to-door in your neighborhood.

Mowing Lawns

If you are someone who likes to get out and get your hands dirty, so to speak, then you can make a nice side hustle by mowing lawns. While I do not do this as much, I used to go at it hard. Everyone in the neighborhood turned to me to cut their lawn. I was making $20 a lawn and was able to do 10 lawns a day on Saturday and Sunday. I made a lot of extra cash, and it allowed me take advantage of opportunities that would have otherwise been closed.

If you want to start up a lawn mowing service, you can start up over the weekend. All you need is a lawn mower and a willingness to ask people if they need a mow. Be warned. It’s a competitive endeavor!


If you have any special skill that others need, consider freelancing. Since I work in IT, I know all there is to about computers, and I am able to make a side hustle freelancing with my services and knowledge. For example, I will spend two weekends a month freelancing IT services. I work online with clients in other countries, and I also sell my services locally to help businesses in my city. I am able to make a few hundred dollars four days out of every month. Let me tell you; it helps.

Final Thoughts

Side hustles can help you earn extra money to pay bills or save up for something you truly want. The above three side hustles can be started today for cheap, and I did all three of them as well. With these side hustles, you will be able to make a nice chunk of change for yourself. As with me, I was able to show my kids how a little extra hard work can pay off.

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  1. Thanks for the tips!

    Car washing is another good one that is an easy but competitive market to crack into here – similar to lawn mowing. I admit I’ve never washed my own car…

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